Flemish,Folk And Funk


Its origin is Spanish and more specifically from the south of Spain (Andalusia) representing a cultural mix.

This musical genre is a total art in which cante (in flamenco the term cante or cantaor or cantaora is used), dance (to express the feeling that cante transmits to us) and flamenco or Spanish guitar, in which there are authentic virtuosos within flamenco.

Flamenco is world famous for being a musical genre typical of the southern region of Spain, more specifically Andalusia, and it is believed to have its roots in the 18th century.

Although flamenco is linked to the gypsy ethnic group, there are certain positions that locate its origin in the Flanders area, in the Netherlands, in the time of Carlos V, where flamenco is considered as its most popular language. Other theories suggest that the gypsies themselves were known as “flamingos.”

In the flamenco music scene, the so-called “Cante jondo” is distinguished by being the purest and most genuine flamenco air, with its hoarse voice and its characteristic sound of castanets, guitar and clapping.

In the 80s a young generation of flamenco musicians was born whose maximum influence comes from artists such as Camarón, Paco de Lucía, Morente…. Singers like José Mercé, El Cigala or Miguel Poveda among others….


Although it is true that in each country there is a traditional or popular music that characterizes its respective culture and folklore, Folk music is mainly related to American and British music, which has been preserved through oral tradition.

It is a simple and melodic sound that tells us about people’s things and their daily tasks. Many of the famous songs do not have a known author and have changed over the years.

One of the forerunners in the production of the first folk music songs was Oklahoma vocalist Woody Guthrie, who identified with the poorest population and distinguished himself against oppression and fascism.

Folk, really comes from English and refers to modern “folk” music.


Funk or funky music is a type of music whose origin dates back to the 1970s. Musicians of African American origin fused styles such as jazz, soul or other Latin to create this musical genre in which rhythm (drums and electric bass) is given much more prominence than melody.

Funk music refers to a type of music that originated in the 60s and was born as a fusion of Soul, R&B, Jazz and elements of Latin dance such as the mambo, giving rise to its own harmonious style.

The usual instruments of the Funk are the electric guitar, the electric bass, the Hammond organ and the drums, although wind elements such as the saxophone or trumpets can also appear.

In the 60s, the figure of “James Brown” stands out among all artists, also known as the Father of Funk, whose music created a whole world of influence around him, with the appearance of new artists and groups such as “Dyke and the Blazers ”and their hit“ Funky Broadway ”from 1967, or the group“ Archie Bel and The Drells ”and their song“ Tighten Up ”,“ The Meters ”or“ The Isley Brothers ”among others….

In the 70s, artists such as “Parliament”, “Funkadelic”, “Ohio Players” or “Average White Band” appeared, which was the first white funk band.

In the 80s, with the appearance of synthesizers and new electronic machines, some mythical instruments of funk began to disappear, such as the Hammond organ, which was replaced by new models such as the Yamaha Dx7. The rhythm of the sound was derived into more danceable rhythms, and quickly dissolved into what is called dance music or disco music, although it directly influenced hip-hop, which allowed it to continue to be present in some way in the decade of the ninety.